Colombia had me, when I first got on to the cab from the airport to the hotel. BOGOTÁ had such energy that you can´t help but feel a strong connection to the city. After the first day walking around in the streets and getting to know the city a bit by visiting a view coffee bars, I really started to realize that Colombia was going to be a great experience. You hear so many bad things about the country on the news and in films but if you just have an open mind and let the great energy of the people in Colombia influence you for a minute, you´ll definitely want to go back a second time.

CAUCA was the main reason for my visit to Colombia. We were planning to make a documentary about coffee and Rayco(owner of ´El café de Don Manuel´) had decided that Cauca was going to be our main focus as most of his contacts were form that area. Probably the nicest people I´ve met in my entire life are living in Cauca. Their effort to make the most out of their lives and trying to make Colombia grow as a country is very encouraging. Cauca will always have a place in my heart no matter how many great places the world has to offer. My love for Colombia is right there on the small coffee farms.


ANTIOQUIA is probably the most amazing place I´ve visited in my entire life. A part from Medellin, a city I first disliked after arriving, but soon began to appreciate a lot more. Mixed cultures and incredibly COOL is probably the word that best describes this city in my opinion.

Besides the big city, after driving a view hours by car and an eternity by bus, lies coffee country. It was here where I realized the amazing country Colombia really is. Hearing stories about the bloody and difficult past just makes you fall in love even more.