Art of Nature

I see nature as a form of art, being the purest art form on this planet.  The different colors and shapes that we see in the environment and the way they change over time are just showing us its complexity as a dynamic entity. I often ask myself how it´s possible to take the same photo at the same exact spot and get a completely different result every single day. I find it fascinating to photograph textures of rocks and plants that somehow create this incredible contrast, that we are only able to imitate in our ´human´ world.

We will never fully understand the progress of nature and what the earth will look like in a thousand years. We can only study and estimate a possible future regarding the impact we have on the way that nature evolves. As complex as nature is, and I´m not a scientist, I can also see the simplicity and the kindness of nature as everything seems to be in balance.

When I was little I remember going to the woods with my parents and learn how to appreciate and love nature. We would simply sit and listen to the birds or watch how the flowers and plants would grow each time we went. It´s fascinating as a kid to see how everything grows and changes shape as we as human beings also grow and change over time.

Living on La Palma I realize that I´m very lucky to have nature as a backyard, and although the island is small, the biggest part of it is pure nature. This makes it easier for us islanders to connect with nature in our everyday life. Not a day goes by where I don´t have the opportunity to just take my camera and go to the forest or the coast and take photos of everything I find interesting. Here we have a so-called ´micro climate´ where at one side of the island it can be sunny with a temperature of 28°C, while at the other side of the island it can be cloudy or even raining heavily with temperature of 16°C. This proves us once more the incredible way that nature works and that we have so little to say about it in the end. I really think that that´s the true art form.