Photography Guide

Living on an island such as La Palma, comes with a variety of possibilities to share the way of life on the island with the rest of the world. Therefore I started to organize specialized photographic tours (along with a fellow photographer, in order to offer photographers visiting the island a possiblity to capture the most amazing places in La Palma. As I wander every day across this small yet versatile island and practically know every corner, I´m in a perfect position in offering guided tours to those who come here to visit La Palma for a short period of time whether it´s for vacational purposes or work. You can get in touch with me for a Guided Tour here:

All the tours are completely personalized (max. 3 people) as every person visiting the island has his/her personal preferences in different locations and that´s way I always get in touch with the client to know what type of scenery they want to see and photograph.


Location Scout

Over the last few years, several locations in the Canary Islands have been used for Hollywood feature films (In the heart of the sea, Allied, Fast and the Furious 6) because of its versatile landscapes. Thanks to the years spent working as a professional Cameraman I also offer Location Scouting for TV/Cinema productions. You can find more information about filming on the Canary Islands at the official website of the La Palma Film Commission where you can find all the information you need. If you wish to get in contact with me for any possible film location, please contact me and I will answer all of you questions as soon as possible.

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